To insure your bikinis remain vibrant and true to color, bikinis should be hand washed with cold water, mild soap (without moisturizers), and air dry on flat surface (avoid hang drying as it may cause the bikini to stretch)

Avoid sitting on or rubbing the swimwear against rough surfaces to insure the quality of the bikini

If possible, rinse off after taking a dip in the ocean or pool. Fresh water is always best for keeping your bikini colors fresh and vibrant!

Avoid laundry detergent and mixing your swimwear with colors when washing (colors from other clothing may bleed and stain the swimwear)

Keep oils, tanning lotions, tinted sunscreens and moisturizers away from the bikinis as it may stain the swimwear. Stay away from heavily chlorinated pools.

Activewear: Do not tumble dry in dryer, hang dry to ensure quality

Waist Belts & Sweat Belts: Hand wash with mild soap & lay flat or hang dry